The L G Sewing Machines SC Series is the only machine of it's kind in the world, the machine can be used to stitch many heavy duty applications such as Cargo Lashings, Safety Harnesses, particularly for the Automotive and Aviation Industries. Othe applications include Pipe Slings, Heavy Lifting Equipment, Industrial Work Boot applications and Heavy Duty Equestrian Harnesses.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of operation the SC Series CNC sewing machine is capable of handling.

  • Super large capacity bobbin. Diameter 3, 17cm (11/4"), length 4,44cm (13/4").
  • User programmable from friendly control pad or notebook PC.
  • Powerful adjustable clamp for webbing upto 3" wide.
  • Thread trimmer cuts the thread and holds them during the start of the next sewing cycle. (On selected models)
  • Sewing area up to 250mm x 140mm (10" x 51/2"). Larger areas and special clamps are available on request.

The unique feature which allows the L G Sewing Machines SC series to sew with threads of a weight that would previously been impossible is the patented 'Three Dimensional Motion System'. In addition to the coventional X and Y axis motion the clamp lifts the workpiece clear of the needle plate at the exact moment each stitch is being set. This eliminates the dragging of the top thread that cause knotting and unsightly erratic tension on the back of the workpiece.

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